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An Ode and a Battle Cry for #CarolineMwatha

You will kill crush & burn us Bury us in unmarked pits To silence our noise.
But one day our restless crushed bones blood and dreams will ripple rip and rise.
And we the dirt of the earth shall remain rich with memories to nurture the gardens where souls will remember. And, demand... demand to roam free for safer longer lives than ours...
Because the price we pay to rid our lands our bodies and our minds from the clutches of oppression is so high.... we feel this gut wrenching today and our tears are saltier cutting our sores, our cries are raw and our chests are heaving with pain.
But one day, one day we promise will we will reap the rewards of our stomped on bodies.... that those small specks of dust you reduced us to, even death cannot stop the convergence into fertile dirt of many unspoken battle cries stifled... those cries will get louder and louder as more of us become casualties of this war of oppression...emptying our battlefront of living breathing warriors.... BUT we k…

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