Saturday, 10 September 2016

I am, your faithful Lovivore

Blooms from Topkapı Palace Museum June 2016

Over the years life has visibly had its toll on me
My body bears battle scars and visible signs of wear and tear
My mind murky with memories of old hurts and let downs
I see new wrinkles, curves, aches and dimpled parts each day
I sometimes still feel the pain of old wounds and anguish
Like a battleground time absorbs some of the desolation of my banal existence

But then YOU...
You happened in my life
Awakening long forgotten passions
Created new heights of delight and feeling I never imagined
This radical love you give me so unmeasured, unconditional and in bounty
Heals and strokes me so tenderly each day.
It restores my body smoothing over my rough edges
My scabs and less nimble parts of me transformed
I now radiate from the inside out, besotted in your endearments

You reshaped and remolded my weary self
Into an attested lovevivore!
Existing only in the sustenance that is your devotion

I remain forever yours

And in endless gratitude to favourable fates, that brought us together