Friday, 28 September 2012

Molten Lava – A Love Poem

Her skin silky supple, rich dark
Irresistible to touch
Over and over again
Her eyes slit molten lava of sensuousness
Alluring and dizzying
Playful and sizzling
Large and luminous, vulnerable and trusting.

Her hair cascades messily around her face
She looks stunning all the time.
Her smile lights up the darkest hours
Her kiss melts away all the pain
Her caress magically conjures goose bumps
Her voice still makes my heart skip a beat
Her love is tender, so breathtaking
I adore her.
My soul mate
In this and all my future reincarnations.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Wealth of Dreams

I put together castles, wangle bridges, reach to touch the stars
I knit dreams, spin vivid webs of patterns, movement and colours
My mind bends my universe into how I recognize it
Skies and earth are a step apart
Adversaries and friends can blur at the stroke of a trance
The only true place I can fathom chaste bliss
My thoughts, words and acts constantly understood
I soar, I drift,
I feel perfect
The bubble bursts when sleep ends
And my perfect world is gone
Sobering me into this sad bad world
But I have my treasure dream chest
I open and enjoy the spoils
Each time I yield to mortal exhaustion
Perpetually grateful for this wealth of imagining.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Silent Secrets

There a manner of silences;
Some calm
Others awkward.
Few remain quiet
There are those that are heavily pregnant
Particular ones bursts at the seams.

Is silence a gilted cage
Or a warm shelter from the storms?

But what are silences other a cloud of halfs?
Half truths
Half lies….
Which half is bigger?

If it remains unspoken
Is it a secret?
A truth?
A lie?
A cage?
 A shelter?
We remain quiet
We will never know.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Hot Angry Tears

Hot angry flow of boiled molten rage
Run down dripping at every unspoken word
Exploding into endless tears
To shed every hurt, pain or infliction

Puffy eyes drained ducts
Throbbing head
Anger replaced with fatigue
No simple answers
Just a cleared tissue box