Friday, 28 September 2012

Molten Lava – A Love Poem

Her skin silky supple, rich dark
Irresistible to touch
Over and over again
Her eyes slit molten lava of sensuousness
Alluring and dizzying
Playful and sizzling
Large and luminous, vulnerable and trusting.

Her hair cascades messily around her face
She looks stunning all the time.
Her smile lights up the darkest hours
Her kiss melts away all the pain
Her caress magically conjures goose bumps
Her voice still makes my heart skip a beat
Her love is tender, so breathtaking
I adore her.
My soul mate
In this and all my future reincarnations.

1 comment:

Ghafla!Guy said...

This poem is flowing effortlessly. Kind of like a song.