Monday, 31 January 2011

Certain Nirvana

One day while in primary school, we went for a school trip in Nairobi. We spent a day in parliament and heard the rants and goings on…

All the “know-it-alls” were popping out random facts and trivia like they knew everything…others looked bored out of their pants and got fidgety and had painful looks almost bursting in their seats…others oohed and ahhed…and I sat and listened…one of the things that struck us was when the then Education minister Oloo Aringo asked the house, “So, Honourable Member, how much is too much?”

The question caused a roar of laughter at the session…we didn’t get it…well, not at took a while to get the brain engine revving up. Then like a wave of laughter and looks of sudden realisation we went like…

“Oooohhh yaaa how much is too much…?hahahaha…”

“Ehe how much is tooooo much eh?”

...and all the way back to Nakuru everyone asked each other…“So, how much is toooo much? Followed by hysterical laughter…the more you reaaaaallly thought about the question, the more questions you have…it was funny, left us in stitches....but ahem, seriously.. …how do we deal with the intangible, the immeasurable things and feelings that are so important?

I am not laughing today as I think about this question. Or to be more accurate,

“Just how much is enough..?” it really is a limitless question posed with so many mayhaps and premises….and just when you think you finally have the answer figured out and are close to a certain nirvena….you get a kick on shin that trips you and gets you back on all fours crawling and you wake up suddenly from a dream called happiness …and then you ask again….

“How much is enough and will it ever be too much?”