Friday, 28 May 2010

Road Trips

I am most tranquil when the wind blows on my face.

I love the short swift bursts of trees, grass

People, vehicles and tarmac

When the earth whizzes past me

Colors merge into an obscure sight of vague things past

I hardly ever look back at a road trip.

My eyes dart through the window,

Looking and leaving

Looking and leaving

Back and forth

Back and forth.

My head spins and I close my eyes to drown the dizziness

The sudden lack of light intoxicates me.

I feel my icy anxieties thawing

Sizzling and steaming up to the sky far away

Replaced by a certain lighter delight

Several sighs later

I sit back and enjoy my journey

The speed picks up

My spirit soars

And I suddenly really realize that there is some good and beauty

In this otherwise sorry world.

KigeziNdoto - "A Hook for Dreams"