Friday, 22 February 2008

Am I?....

A little later than the witching hour
My mind cogs itself to motion
Sleep is evaded easily
My mind a faithful companion is most articulate then.
Qualms that engulf me are dealt with impartially
Frenzied mindsets are validated,
Tactics are drawn,
Meetings premeditated or cancelled
My mind shrugs itself off emotional baggage.
Fevers, chills, migraines and body aches are temporarily numbed
For a while I trade in for immortality and semblance of thought
Mercifully, it is granted.
A little gap in the vastness of time
A time most forlorn
With little or no acclaim as the rest of the world sleeps
Or is cradled in the gentle arms of a loved companion
With no interest in me or mine:
The flash of hopeful brilliance
Fades by dawn
Nuances may radiate when I relate
More of it seeming than certain.
Leaving void in the minds of many
As to whether I am……

Thursday, 21 February 2008

A Dream...

I am drowning in my senses
Goose pimples riddle my arm
Caused not though by the ephemeral breeze
For few precious moments
I am hoisted out of my trivial being
I feel myself lifted to the clouds….

I am not sure if its day or night
Not sure if I am flying or floating
But, I am rising.

My eyes shut
or open,
Suddenly, I feel myself falling
Falling fast
There is a tightness in my stomach
I spiral further down
My hand grasping for the clouds
The midnight and azure blue sky flash before me
My body battered by the merciless crossings of the winds…
I see the mountains, seas, lakes, whizzing past me …
I look towards the ground where my fall is inevitable
Clear waters of the sea and its depths beneath me…
I crash into it as my body is shattered into a thousand and more jolts of pain…
Fear grips me hard as it is cold.
My lungs drenched with the salty iciness …
And I drown…down to the unknown depths of the unseen world
To be lost forever in the bellies of a perpetual dark mystery