Thursday, 21 February 2008

A Dream...

I am drowning in my senses
Goose pimples riddle my arm
Caused not though by the ephemeral breeze
For few precious moments
I am hoisted out of my trivial being
I feel myself lifted to the clouds….

I am not sure if its day or night
Not sure if I am flying or floating
But, I am rising.

My eyes shut
or open,
Suddenly, I feel myself falling
Falling fast
There is a tightness in my stomach
I spiral further down
My hand grasping for the clouds
The midnight and azure blue sky flash before me
My body battered by the merciless crossings of the winds…
I see the mountains, seas, lakes, whizzing past me …
I look towards the ground where my fall is inevitable
Clear waters of the sea and its depths beneath me…
I crash into it as my body is shattered into a thousand and more jolts of pain…
Fear grips me hard as it is cold.
My lungs drenched with the salty iciness …
And I drown…down to the unknown depths of the unseen world
To be lost forever in the bellies of a perpetual dark mystery


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tori said...

thats nice what you wrote