Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Wealth of Dreams

I put together castles, wangle bridges, reach to touch the stars
I knit dreams, spin vivid webs of patterns, movement and colours
My mind bends my universe into how I recognize it
Skies and earth are a step apart
Adversaries and friends can blur at the stroke of a trance
The only true place I can fathom chaste bliss
My thoughts, words and acts constantly understood
I soar, I drift,
I feel perfect
The bubble bursts when sleep ends
And my perfect world is gone
Sobering me into this sad bad world
But I have my treasure dream chest
I open and enjoy the spoils
Each time I yield to mortal exhaustion
Perpetually grateful for this wealth of imagining.


Terri said...


You have a way with words - and images - that makes me pause and ponder.
It is such a delight to read your works. Thank you for sharing this very special gift with us...

Nay Mah said...

wat an amazing post....lovely pictures

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