Monday, 18 May 2009

When Time Stays Still

When Time Stays Still

At night everything transforms….

A new world emerges on the other side of my window

Lush shady trees morph into grotesque shadowy monsters

Rustling as the wind picks up speed with an eerie howl

Like a dirge from restless spirit singing and mocking me

I feel eyes staring in from the night as I lay still on my bed

I feel surrounded somehow


A menacing hunter waiting for the right moment to get me

Darkness swallows up and devours everything around me

For a moment I wonder if my eyes are shut or not

So I blink

And see nothing-ness

I lay there waiting

In the dead of night even time stands still.

The gust is here again and the trees sway

Creaking as they bow to wind gods passing

My heart beat pounds so loud I think they can hear it

Sweat dropping on my brow

They smell my fear

How long till merciful sleep takes me to a safe refuge

How long till I swim away from this deep sea of shadows

How long till the first crack of light

How long till the next frightful night

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