Wednesday, 12 August 2009

"Shoes that Grew Legs...."

Rift Valley Sports Club Poolside
Last Sunday while having tea at the Rift Valley Sports Club in Nakuru, I came across a friend who goes there to exercise by walking round the cricket pitch.

While walking, she came across several pairs of mitumba shoes thrown from the high wall at the farthest end of the field. Most likely someone with ill intentions pinched the shoes from the 2nd hand dealers with stalls on the outer perimeter wall facing Oginga Odinga Street

She quickly alerted the askaris at the gate to investigate the theft in progress.

We all left confident that matters would be sorted and that the club would take the security breach seriously.

So, the next day my friend called me to tell me that despite reporting the incident to the club security staff, “The shoes grew legs...” Hmmm....

Last Thursday, I had dropped an advert to be posted on the Club’s Notice Board and they promised it would be up the next day...when I went in today I was surprised to find that it had not gone up at all.

The receptionist sheepishly admitted that they lost the advert and they needed another copy.

I asked her impishly, “Did the advert grow legs too?”

SO now the plot thickens...and I have to it that the club is a dumping spot for pinched goods? What else is thrown over that wall? Is it an inside job? Is anyone there concerned at all? Will they do something about it?

I also found it extremely tacky that they cant keep up with paperwork – I hate to imagine where my chits go after I sign them...maybe they get lost too and never end up on my invoice??

FAT CHANCE... the club would bill you for air given half the chance...

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