Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Behind my Smile

More of me knowing more of you
Weaving through increasingly familiar paths 
To the place our souls connect and reconnect 
Over and over again.
The joy this journey gives me unsettles me in equal measure
In that space where time stretches or stands still 
Where you see me raw naked open and broken
With all the battle wounds of past hurts throbbing
And, you choose to love the fragility I am.
Inevitably and irrevocably changing me
Healing, restoring and soothing dulling aches.
Passion, hope, devotion soars to new heights within me,
And the me you increasingly know and love
Is reborn radiating that joy in my soul you infused
By the mere mention, touch and existence of you
And the only hint of this not so small miracle 
Is the secret behind the smile on my lips and these few words.
So, thank you.

1 comment:

Wanja said...

You feel me with joy. Those are beautiful words.