On Birthdays, Life, Milestones and Lessons......

My 40th birthday approaches in a few weeks and I am sooo excited; and I was reflecting on some beautiful lessons I learned on four major pieces of life:

BODY raised as a site for oppression is now my place of emancipation. BODY waged in warfare and assault from non-consent, constant gaze, fat-shame, myths of beauty vs. ugliness, wounds, scars and blemishes .....all fleeting in the horizon now... the reflections of BODY form shows a new romance growing, learning to love body as it is.

LANGUAGE is powerful and deeply political. Words form weighted stones we pelt at each other every second, every minute all day every time. What wonder we often forget to interrogate the omnipresent backdrop in every encounter... #feminism  

LOVE is possibility. A chance at grasping giving and receiving the strings of joy and of compassion. LOVE offers alive-ness, deep-ness and free-ness...LOVE is available over and over again and reduces another’s suffering. LOVE’s greatest gift is your presence.

TRANSFORMATION evolves new and old into a reborn, renewed and reenergised form. Broken and re-piecing back again, me but changed. Me reformed. Me older, and me many shifts but still just ME.
Please celebrate this milestone with me.


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