Saturday, 8 March 2008

Lets Recognize the Humble Heroes of Kenya

Maureen - Chairperson of Kibera Uzima Youth Initiative - Images by Jerry Riley

I went to Kibera last week Africa’s 2nd largest slum and found a gem called Maureen who walked through Kibera for 2 whole days identifying the weak and bed ridden who could not get up and look for food during the post electoral violence period that rocked Kenya. She and the wonderful people at Uzima Foundation helped feed 120 homes as a result.

Kibera was one of the worst affected places and I saw signs of plunder when I came across what was left of burnt houses and churches. Yet I saw hope in the eyes of the youth in Kibera…and I think we should nourish it…

To read my article on Maureen please check out this link

I am especially pleased that this story touched a well known and respected journalist Mr. Charles Onyango-Obbo. To read his article check out this link

To all of you who supported me and my fellow Kenyans when we were going through the crisis I take this opportunity to give you my heartfelt appreciation….


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Apricot Popcorn said...

I'm afraid to look, and ashamed of my fear. I feel I have nothing of worth to offer, absolutely nothing that matches my inactive wish for the relief of others' suffering. But maybe the first step is to not look away. Hooray for anyone who offers their best for these people on a daily basis!