Sunday, 30 April 2017

Choosing (how) to Live.... some sense-abilities

Eldoret, Feb 26 2017

listen to the sound of silence

Sit unobtrusively around it, 

Find that soothing vibrant calm voice of YOU. 

look intensely into the darkness

Stare into the bottomless-ness as it drowns you,

Release yourself into the black warm embracing YOU. 

Let yourself feel everything everywhere

The wholesome depraved and dreadful, 

Sensation embodies life because you are, YOU. 

taste an assortment of varied blends of moments 

Devour both parallels of everything and nothing-ness

Accept that the unceasing constant here is YOU. 

Pick how you touch those in your life

Open yourself to a world of possibilities,

Bare all the awesomeness of YOU.

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