Saturday, 22 April 2017

Just a Rant

As a feminist I believe in equality because ‘the boy child’ could really do without a skewered SYSTEM that sets him up for as much failure as it does ‘the girl child’….. and it starts when we have to explain to you that gender roles  are not set in stone but at the backyard of a effed up hierarchal SYSTEM that reduces people have to pick from two opposite sides. For instance the narrow gender roles of so called ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’… and we all know you cant be ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ enough its a perpetual aspiration!…. so this crazy SYSTEM keeps making you think and say crap things like "a REAL MAN does xxxx’ or ‘a TOTAL MAN does yyyy’ and effed up things like ‘AS A WOMAN’, you must be xxxx" or nonsense like ‘IMAGINE A WHOLE WOMAN, or as ‘A MOTHER(??)’ and she had the audacity to do yyyy.’

It is a system designed to make you feel inadequate and to make you feel you need to reassert yourself and your identity based on very narrow standards of what you can or cannot do or say or think and by making others look small or bad…..The SYSTEM is designed to subjugate someone over the other be it across social class, race, age, within and without gender…it will never be enough, once you are this, you need to be that, once you are a that you need to be something else!…….So please the world is not webs of binaries … its 7 billion people and a spectrum of possibilities and the one thing we could perhaps do to start to ground ourselves is RESPECT each other.

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