Sunday, 30 July 2017

Sapphic Love

Diani South Coast
My love for you feels like my naked feet sinking in soft cushy grassy patches
I immerse myself in you like plunging deep into a pool of cool water
These delicious sensations render me alive, awake and aware
All of me is submerged and meshed in a tight weave of our world
I live for the tease of your smile and the warm of your laughter
In your arms and your love I form into the finest version of myself
Your unreserved adoration shields me from the unkind and punishing world
My gaze and embrace holds yours giving me a renewed strength to face all
Discovering you elevated me from frivolity to finding purpose and meaning
Loving you all day every day and night I find happiness
You epitomise life-giving tenderness to me and you are my most precious gift
I thank the stars that aligned us to meet, connect and live this sapphic love


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