Sunday, 23 July 2017

These Colors of Life

"Color me life" Self portrait Sikiliza  (June 2017)
Lead us to the cliff with our feet tittering at the edges
Feel the wind blow a cold sting on our cheeks
Our minds lay bare to bottomless indulgences of love so intense
Our bodies filled with intimation of unfamiliar and unexpected longing
Dreams flooded with delightful and endless possibilities
Gloriously tasting the prospects of what seems like a path of happiness.

But alas both feet sink on the ground fast and hard
And we stir to the sudden and shattering sensation
Some call reality
And the mist starts to clear as fast as it crept in
Revealing a grand and elaborate illusion
of what could be…but isn’t.
What remains palpable is the heartache
While musing on the purpose of such cruel intentions
Let us learn that we are not numbed from hurt because we live.

So color us oh unrelenting life
Thankful you picked us as the canvas
Of this your masterwork.
With strokes, etches, ridges, rich hues and shadows
And deep textures that often dent and hurt us mercilessly
Drawing blood, wounds that will scar us
Also serve to give us shape depth and tenacity and consideration;
That we are at the essence of it all, ALIVE;
Perhaps we can hope to flourish once more.

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