Language is Deeply Political

On #IWD I edited an info-graph that for me often reflects the subjugation of women's contribution in society because we angle it through a male lens for social ratification.... And so because someone ( a man) asked (twice) 'what was the harm' of the unedited version I toyed with the idea of saying google is your friend mate and moving on but then decided to repost the graphic and a small blurb...please indulge me....

“....Language is deeply political. A lot of what you are “not getting” is also from a place where there are no perceptible “ill intentions” in the unedited version of this info-graph.....but that is the genius-ness of sexism and ageism in language and in its ability to be pervasive, trivialising and undermining in its delivery. “Language is a great carrier of stereotyping and great place to assert socially sanction power of what is a ‘normalised standard’ of genius-ness and this is what makes this post extremely condescending.

Ageism or more accurately adultism is a socially sanctioned put down which aims to minimise younger people and their work on what we feel is a an achievement “at your age.” Judging a woman’s professional achievement by referencing and using the mark of validation or standards set based on a white man’s “endorsement” or an #IvyLeague white male name drop is a serious put down of women in science academia etc. And your description of Hawkins and Einstein illustrates this very clearly as it strongly suggests the immense ‘authority’ we bestow on senior white male academics. With achievements from the likes of Sabrina its about time to re-evaluate how we determine whose work is of merit. I welcome folks to read up and learn more about the “Matilda Effect” and reflect on how referencing these men takes away from her achievements...'


Wanja Muguongo said…
Thank you for the words....the success of a woman is her success; it does not need to be filtered through the opinion of others.

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