Here, is love....Here is me....

Here I am...
with unsung songs, unspoken truths
untouched caresses, un-captured images,
all running through my mind.
This is me...
waiting, breathing, feeling
craving, tingling, hurting and
all the body sensations that come with it.
This is us...
in that space we built
with our names, forged in ink
our cornerstone is love 
The mortar are our memories
and the relics of this love
are etched solidly in my soul 
to take me into my next life.
And so this very moment and space,
I carve out and dedicate to only you
My love
I shout out for the whole world to know.
Here I am, this is me, this is you, this is us.
This is love. No longer, unspoken.


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