Friday, 2 November 2007

Party Crashers....

My brother and I crashed a party once in the mid nineties going on at some poshish 5-star hotel poolside in the city.

As soon as we got there we saw a bride and groom a bridal party and immediately warmed up to it and immediately felt right at home like we were meant to be there. Wedding receptions are such nice parties to crash because you can pretend to know at least one of the people getting hitched. We notice lots of disapproving stares but our stuff-you attitude got us by…Besides we figured that the only possible reason for the stares was the fact that we were very casually dressed...and that is a real understatement!

So the extroverts we were, we decided to give the bride and the groom compliments, hugs and kisses…wishing them the best in their new life. Everyone seemed flustered by the move including the bride and groom who had their jaws open. It did not bother us so much then and immediately proceeded to help ourselves (quite generously I might add) to the well spread food platter and super wine. I mean what is a party without food and drinks anyway???!!

After some time we noticed that the quorum was pretty subdued no, actually they were down right boring. We were thinking of leaving the party altogether and go do something more exciting … leave the snobs alone until we recognized a reporter friend of ours there. Finally! A warm blooded human! We needed to know what was the deal with the not-too happy newly weds and their sour-puss guest was( I mean that was bound to be an interesting story to hear) but to our surprise………………..she burst out laughing.

When she let us in on the joke I felt like the biggest fool because the "wedding reception" we gate crashed was actually…the merger between Pharmaceutical Bigwigs Sterling Winthrop and SmithKline Beecham! The theme of the cocktail was a wedding…a bride and a groom…. CRAP! …I died million deaths when I realized the gaffe….

Moral of the story when you crash a party…make sure it's a real party…



Abdu said...

Funny ! That will serve you right not to gate crash anymore (lol)

Abdu said...

Funny story ! That will serve you right not to gate crash anymore !!! (lol)