Saturday, 19 March 2011

You are another me....

You are a rock of in my life.
Elephants in Amboseli 2010

In you I hear words and see expressions or an impish grin
So familiar as I recognise it each time I look into the mirror.

All through my life I have looked up to the ways
You touch things and turn them to glittering gold.

Stories weren’t just stories with you, they came alive
And you captivated my mind.

You made hard things look so easy

You never let me sink and wallow in those dark places

You woke me up from my nightmares
And gave me real dreams to float away with.

You are another me
A braver one
A me I am very proud of being part of.


vinnie said...

i love the two elephants and the message, it reminds me of someone whom i just lost in my life. i will always carry her in my heart forever and ever, she may not believe this but i won't convince her that she will be in my heart.

vinnie said...

sweet message that relates to the one you love and also remembering the one you lossed.

Sikiliza said...

@vinnie I am glad you liked it, I hope your feelings for her reflect towards her in some way for her to reconsider her position...

I wrote this poem for my brother, beloved and treasured...