Loosing and Finding Good Things

Loose yourself sometimes...
So as to find another part of yourself...
Part of living is letting go of precious things
That wound and hurt.
The difficulty is in letting go
And surprising yourself with room 
For new encounters 
That may go either way
A necessary risk...
But it is that faith in connecting with good things
That keeps me going...
I pray to connect with positive energies....
That build me instead of breaking me down.
I know that all things, good and bad comes from within us. 
Our love
Our hate
Our hurt
Our warmth
Our indifference
Our compassion
Our deception
Our truths
Our time
Our patience
Our impulses;
Our thoughts and thoughtlessness
Our actions and inactions...
Each move we make stirs something within us and in those around us too.
The drive, thrill, danger, love and the destructive nature we act on are our choices
I hope my choices cause no harm to those I love
And I pray that choices around me do not crush my spirit
All part of life
All part of me
Scars, memories, caresses...
All of them are us....


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