Our Foremothers, You and I See the Same Sky

We knew the day would come 
When we sought the counsel
Wisdom, guidance and aegis of our foremothers
Summoning those fierce spirits that epitomise resilience 
Conjuring the passion in which they lived, loved and flourished
Against a backdrop of constant sieges
that wage battles on their bodies, mind and souls.

Our foremothers never relented, or relinquishied themselves
In their torn, broken battered bodies hid the spark of their true selves
They chanted their names under their breath
And under the choke of feet on their necks
To remember,
To always remember
Their names and where they came from.

Our foremothers used their last breath to exhale life 
And the profoundness of all our ancestors
And all their hopes and dreams into you and me 
that one day our lives may be free
of pain
of bondage
of our trauma
to love 
to be loved
to be our true selves
to remember our names
to recognise where we came from.

One day our foremothers, you and I
Will look up upon the stars, sun, moon
And all see the same sky, and how it connects us
Across time, space and everything in-between…


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