My Love, The Universe is Yours and Mine....


I see you.

I feel  stirrings….

I whisper your name

Conjure your memory…

And vividly taste your lips

Soft, sublime…Unreal…

but the sensations 

Oh those are so real my love


I bite my lip

 Just at the thought 

Of those lips

and what they do, 

and say, and play….

One look at your gaze

With eyes like the moon

Sultry slits or wide-eyed and endless pools

I drown in the gaze of your eyes my love,

And I see and feel everything

You possess in you…

I consume the universe you offer

With those eyes that speak to me

And intoxicate me ….

And of course there is your smile

 That melts all my insides

That I live for that smile is a truth

I am incomplete without that joy

you capture in that wide grin

that lights your face and everything around you

And, I know right then

That with you by my side 

Life and after-life is possible

And when our bodies merge 

writhing like live current on naked electric wires

We love the love that outshines the stars

And outlives the burnt embers of the last sun...

When all the tomorrows are behind us

And we look back and see

The sizzles of our unending love and passion 

And it is on this faith

That you make me a believer

That everything is possible

No blocks on our path 

No roughs on the edges

Will stop the love we have…

Because those lips....

And those eyes

And your touch

Say and do things to me 

Beyond words and play…

You make me


My soul, body and mind fired by you

Healed by you

Loved by you

Inspired by you

I sing, dance, sway and rhyme at the beat of your step

One You

One Me

One Us

One universe, just too small to contain our love….


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