Sunday, 23 September 2007

Antsy Pantsy

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I first ran away from home when I was six. After some tiff with my mum on eating my veggies (cauliflowers), I left in a huff and said that I will never come back. But who takes little girls seriously; my mum was used to my endless tantrums and thought that I would be back after a bit of a sulk. But I was done sulking. I had other ideas. I packed my school backpack with two tomatoes (don't ask, some sick fetish and the only veggie I actually ate, but that is another story I guess) my dolls head (only liked the hair, was more of a toy car sort of girl) and a poncho. Rode on my bike and headed to Nairobi. It was a 160 km away that's at least two hours by car… Needless to say my parents got an anxious call from a friend of the family saying they spotted me on the highway with a bike and that they should chuck me before the cops got involved or worse. The fact that I covered about 4Kms went unnoticed what with all the trouble I was in….I got to Nairobi eventually though, it took around 12 more years …more importantly I still don't eat cauliflowers...

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Abdu said...

Sorry to hear you started sulking at this age, but one question: Would you really make it to Nairobi by yourself ?!? Tough lady