Sunday, 23 September 2007


To the so called "Kenyan-Knight-in-Shining-Armor" stalking the streets of Nairobi with a suspect preconditioned Toyota sports (originally stolen in Japan) and a prefab "top of the range" handset. Lots of foreign football league stickers and paraphernalia all over the car....
Don't mind me, sorry my smile carries some cynicism. Because I know for a fact that the Tusker you're buying is following the advance you applied for which I approved.
I saw you smile faltering a little when you caught my eye. I am sure it's not because of the length of my skirt and fine legs or the fact that you can only really impress the under 18's you hang out with.
May be, and this is just a thought… your smile faltered when you quickly thought of the fact that your rent is late and you're not sure how soon the hide-and-seek routine with the land lord will go on. Each night you get home and you turn your key successfully at the front door you breath with a sigh of relief.
So you trot off half-drunk because of drinking on an empty tummy…with a next to empty tank of gas in the car…and there is a new rumbling noise the engine started making…the fact that you may be locked out of the house tonight…no wonder you're a stressed man……

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