Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Mkenya Pata Msimamo!

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Mkenya Pata Msimamo!

Mwananchi, pole sana retrenched from your job?
Now your a hawker?
(Definition:An Honest open-air entrepreneur who cant afford the rent rates in buildings in Nairobi city)
Why are the Police running after you gunning you down like a thief?
Did you tell them that all you want is a decent living for you and your 4 kids?
Did you explain... perhaps implore them that even though primary school education is free the children can’t go to school naked or hungry?
Did you say that the last thing you recall as you left the house was the sound of your children crying for food, clothes, books and a life?
May I ask a tthis point, how many of the Mwanasiasa’s kids are in the free education programme?
Did you tell the Mheshimiwa that you need to sell sukumawiki, nyanya, kitunguu and the second hand shoes that Kenyans walk in because bus fare went up after the tax hike in June and the real workers must eat?
Are you sure he knows that as the Mwananchi walks home they may be robbed killed…raped…because half the police are guarding the VIP’s houses and the other half have not been paid enough to care…
Is this the risk you run for being Kenyan???

No Rafiki, I did not hear you right…. does Rais know that you did the right thing to whistle blow the thieving fat cats with milk still showing on their whiskers.
It must be some horrible mistake when you say that you were fired for being an honest worker.
Untrue that you died because of no money for medicine. Untrue that nobody cared (haiya! am so ashamed) a widow left with children to feed and inconsolable grief…WHY?

Mwanachama, please tell me how much you were paid to cause chaos in town today.
Was it a price enough to buy your dignity?
Will it be enough to pay for a gold paved road to your shack in the slums and a lifetime supply for food, clothing and chang’aa?
Do you feel better to know you’re a cheap hired gun and that the politician you idolize doesn’t know you exist, or care.
When you threw stones and sent some of your fellow Wananchi to Kenyatta hospital did you have a feeling of great achievement?
When a stone finally hit you squarely on your face, did the Mwanasiasa get his silk monogrammed hankie and try to stop the blood flowing and take you into his SUV and drive you to his personal doctor? Or did you bleed to death at the emergency unit at Kenyatta (NOTHING URGENT OR REMOTELY LIVE SAVING GOES ON THERE)

Mwanachama, Mwananchi, wewe masikini perhaps you should go jump in the lake and die! Go on do it…. am I insulting your intelligence? Why? But aren’t you the ones who blindly
follow a Mwanasiasa’s plea for violence and commit to complete sycophancy????
Lets do a refresher course my fellow Kenyans…..
The buck really stops with you, the Voter aka Mwanachama aka Mwananchi!

Why follow the ones who ask you to torch a different tribe’s land, turn against your brother, burn mobile hospitals in your home area
Now, your child is sick and dying…. As you look at her dying pained eyes and watch life ebbing away from her frail body, are you proud of the fact that you torched, plundered the one thing that would have save her?

So go, jump in the lake, off the cliff of a mountain or drown in the ocean for having lost the sense of right and wrong.

Mwananchi, cast your vote with a mind heavy laden with the events of the past 5 years…when your daughters and sons were raped and the culprits went free…when your child, brother, sister, parent, wife or husband could the not be saved from a fire because they were locked in and the fire engine pipes ran dry and you heard his screams as he died and all the while your councilor is living in a plush resort on your expense drinking tuskers and ales and watching the sun go down and thinking of which new toys to play with if not hurling chairs and tables at each other you bought with your hard earned taxes because of a difference of opinion.
When crops failed and everybody forgot you existed until foreign press stumbled upon corpses of our starved friends up north
When mercenaries colonized your country
When the taps were dry and the lights were out in a country that generates power
When Uchumi closed, opened closed and opened again
When justice was up for sale to the highest bidder
When your TV signal got turned off and your daily paper got burnt.
When a cameraman got slapped for recording uncomfortable home truths
The press gagged for ratting the tales of thievery, complacency and intrigue in the highest degree…
This is height of mind colonization Mwananchi why don’t you see it!

Kenya these must be the last days.
When the Jogoo era’s tyrants can bring forth tears on cue for the cameras calling themselves martyrs fighting for the cause of opposition dabbing their mock tears with silk handkerchiefs.
Remember those tears quickly dry when you give them your vote and the terror will reign again and bring you all kind of clashes

Mwananchi please assure me that you’re not naive enough to think that the Mwanasiasa cares about you.
Bringing you two packets of unga ya chapati and a party t-shirt some pocket change (he stole from you in the first place)
Big smile plastered on his face and he keeps looking at his 5-year warranty watch not to miss his flight back for some engagement or other involving some great extravagant expense….

Mwananchi, remind me which Mwalimu was paid their deserved due... and meanwhile the Mwanasiasa have increased their own income thrice fold…

And you...well you, just languish in poverty…..and will probably die there too…
The change begins with you!

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