Sunday, 23 September 2007

African Woman

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I am a true African woman standing strong in the face of conflict, deprivation and pestilence
My heart pumps with fear and ardor each time I set my eyes upon the horizon
My hands calloused yet gentle to the touch and soothing to the cherished
My ever present smile is an enigma, riddled with despair filled with hope for more tomorrows.
I am a bona fide African woman making the most of what I can
My child sucks from my breast giving him life that gradually ebbs away from me
My child's emancipation from this madness is my only obsession
My tears never stop to roll for my lover and my brothers who fight against each other
My fears take a toll one my weak body as I contemplate the crumbling future
My last breath a prayer for peace for those I leave behind on the motherland

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