Friday, 26 October 2007

Hot Cops, Tributes and Random Rants

Its Friday, am lonely and I am pining for some attention. But knowing that history repeats itself I am probably going to spend it alone indoors reading a book, baby sitting or watching TV. Don’t get me wrong I love my own company …but I have my moments where I wish I could stop in the streets and ask for a hug….hahaha

As I was walking down the safe (ok safe-ish) streets of down town Nairobi the other day….I came across an old cop friend …I had forgotten all about him when I mentioned the Kenyan and Senegalese cop comparisons…hahaha I mean he is a gorgeous 6 and a half footer toothy grinned cop who arrests who firmly but politely…he is honest and helpful but you wont want to mess with him. When I see him I am usually in awe...mixed with some kind fear, a very strange mix. Anywayyyyyyyyy my point was….if all Kenyan cops were like him then we would be in a much happier place…and let me hope this cop issue of mine does not develop to an obsessive thing…

I am back in the city with a myriad of things to do...I spent an amazing week training on script writing with Charles Liburd .The class is amazing where my mama- drama temperament that my loved ones really hate was very welcome..only thing is being a little fire ball is one thing but writing that drama out in a script and having enough relevant ideas to make some producer interested in funding it is another totally different ball game…Any whoooo am working on faith and a lot of mustered courage …

Besides that, we are just waiting with bated breath for the intrigue that is the General Elections. Frankly I have already made my choice on who I want to be my next president I did it earlier to avoid the hassle of changing my mind each time a new propaganda strategy hits the headlines....people literally sway from one extreme to the other at each news bulletin or rumor (or both!)…its tiring…enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I must point out a few acknowledgments which is something I never do but I think I can make an exception today…in the past few months there are people who have touched my life is great and small ways and let me take a few minutes....

AK (Houston) – we all know you’re a geek but a very cute one, Happy Belated Birthday (ok am like one a half months too late) woiyeeeee! Mapenzi mob sana…and make sure you get on that flight to cast your vote and make Kenya proud!!! And don’t forget to pinch that hotel oatmeal soap I told you about sawa?

PAD(Dakar) – thanks for being sweet and great..and thanks for the presents. I hope you get to enjoy my country as much as I enjoyed yours. A kiss!

FF ( Dakar) – you are an amazing and beautiful person. Somehow I think you will soon wow the world with your immense power and psyche. And it helps that you are bill board material doesn’t it….Happy belated birthday pretty and thanks for all the help in Dakar.

WM (Toronto) – what can I say, you are like some angel sent to make sure I when I trip you get my ass up, I can wait to see you in Nairobi soon…A kiss and hug and know your always on my mind. Bless ya!

Mama(Heaven) –Mum, I miss you so much. My memories of you are so vivid even after 7 years…and by the way, you were right about men, they are all the same! Hahahaha…please don’t say, I-told-you-so….

I go to church a bit these days, I know you’d like to hear that. I was surprised that I can sing so many hymns still. The church goers still sing off key though….you know maybe if I pray real hard, a miracle can happen and you walk though the door and talk to me again. I really do miss you… Much love, your daughter…

.........And so I must wish to you my dear great readers a super weekend. Sleep a bit more if you can…what the heck….eat a bit more….have an extra beer if you think you should….snuggle closer to your loved one…then when you regret your weekend excesses on Monday, write me and let me know….

A kiss



x3la said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.........belated is better than never. Really looking forward to giving you the biggest hug I can muster......luv ya.


x3la said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.........belated is better than never. Really looking forward to giving you the biggest hug I can muster......luv ya.