Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sticky Heart Matters

In the sticky matters of the heart...and those horrible vague feelings that come with it that people call love...All you really need is to hope against hope is that fate fixes you up with someone who..............

You are really keen on

Understands your jokes

Reaches out to hold your hand in public without shyness or shame

Has a picture of you in his wallet

Knows how to make you feel guilty when you're wrong (or right?)

Is less lazier than you

Can brew good tea

Makes you feel rather important

Wakes up with you by his side

Wakes up with you in his mind when you're not by his side

Loves you no matter what

Always takes your side with others whether your right or wrong

Is not confused about what he feels for his ex's

Is not married to someone else

(You're not married to someone else!!!!)

Still thinks your beautiful than the women around you

Or is at least subtle about the fact that he finds your sisters, friends and neighbours much prettier than you…

Has the ability to laugh and laugh and laugh

Mostly with you and not at you

Is not an alcoholic

Only gambles at the stock exchange

And lives within kissable reach


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